SA Chefs Education Team Offers Top Tips for Examination Preparation | SA Chef Media

SA Chefs Education Team Offers Top Tips for Examination Preparation  |  SA Chef Media

Another year is drawing to a close and culinary students and lecturers across the country are gearing up to prepare to write theory exams and cook their hearts out during their practical assessments.

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October is mental health awareness month in South Africa, and we look at some top tips that students and lecturers can use to prioritise their mental health while preparing for these assessments and how to access the correct support during tis stressful time. 

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On this Mental Health Day, let's take a moment to acknowledge the unique challenges that chefs and culinary professionals face in the high-pressure, demanding world of gastronomy. Behind the scenes of exquisite dishes and culinary artistry, there often lies a silent struggle with mental health.
The relentless hours, intense kitchens, and the pursuit of perfection can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Chefs, much like artists, invest their heart and soul into their craft, and this commitment can sometimes come at the cost of their well-being.

As we savour the flavours of their creations, it's important to remember that chefs are not invincible. They too need support, understanding, and open conversations about mental health.

Let's create a culture where seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step toward balance and resilience.

This Mental Health Awareness Day, let's stand in solidarity with chefs and all those in the culinary world, recognising that their mental health matters just as much as the artistry they bring to our plates. It's time to break the stigma and foster a healthier, more compassionate culinary community.

Help is out there! See below contact details if you need any assistance. 


Suicide Crisis Helpline
0800 567 567

Department of Social Development Substance Abuse Helpline
0800 12 13 14
/ SMS 32312

Cipla Mental Health Helpline
0800 456 789
SMS 31393

NPOwer SA Helpline
0800 515 515 
SMS 43010

Healthcare Workers Care Network Helpline
0800 21 21 21 /
SMS 43001

UFS #Fair Kitchens Chefs Helpline
0800 006 333


Dr Reddy’s Mental Health Helpline
0800 21 22 23

Adcock Ingram Depression & Anxiety Helpline
0800 70 80 90

ADHD Helpline
0800 55 44 33

Pharma Dynamics Police & Trauma Helpline
0800 20 50 26


Cipla Mental Health
076 882 2775

Maybelline BraveTogether
087 163 2030

Ke Moja Substance Abuse
087 163 2025


SADAG (SA Depression & Anxiety Group)
011 234 4837


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