Branding Guide

Embroidery production lead times are 5 - 7 working days from full payment & approval of artwork (CAD).

No Embroidered garments can be returned or exchanged.
A CAD file (artwork specifications) will be sent for your approval before work will commence.

Should you require a physical embroidery sample, please request this when sending your CAD approval. Allow 2-3 working days additionally for sample productions.

Your approval of the CAD file will cover the following specifications where applicable:

  1.  Placement of logo on the garment
  2.  Spelling of names, slogans, titles
  3.  Artwork size in width / height
  4.  Colour correctness
  5.  Font style
  6.  For name embroidery, the jacket style, size and quantity needs to be  checked carefully for each person.







Disclaimer: Although we strive for perfection, embroidery is an artistry and mishaps can occur. Such as needles that break causing tears in the garments. We are committed to have any issues resolved as they occur and should any production faults occur on your order, we will notify you in due course.
If you are not satis­­­fied with your order, please contact us at chefgear@worksgroup.co.za and we will gladly assist you.

Artwork Requirements

We require your original artwork in hi-resolution (high quality) in formats JPEG or PNG or PDF.

PDF is required in Vector format. (A PDF can either be a vector or a raster file, depending how it was saved. When zooming in (200% or larger) and the edges are blurry, then it is not a vector PDF. The image should appear solid and crisp if it is a vector file.)


1. Why is my order taking 5 to 7 working days to embroider?

A pre-production quality check of garments is done before being transported to our Embroidery house. Embroidery orders are treated on a first-come-first-serve basis and dependent on available production space.
To ensure you receive high quality embroidered garments, a final quality check is done once goods have been received back from our Embroidery house. Should any flaws be found, items will be sent back to be corrected.

2. Why is a setup/digitizing fee charged?

A once-off setup fee for the order is charged to calculate the required stitch count for your name or logo and to prepare your artwork for embroidery.

3. What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process where we take your logo/text and create actual stitch paths for the machine to use to sew your design onto the garment.

4. How big should my artwork be?

Sizing recommendation depends on the proportions of your logo. The recommended size is 10-15 cm wide on jackets and 10 - 20 cm wide for aprons. We can embroider up to 30cm wide.

5. Can I have one garment embroidered?

Yes, standard lead times, pricing and shipping applies. If it is a first time embroidery a setup/digitizing fee will be charged.